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Gold Cracked Glass Mosaic Cremation Urn

The Iridescent Mosaic Cracked Glass cremation urn is a beautifully colorful tribute for your loved one, with hand placed glass patterns surrounded by a gold finish. Each cremation urn is hand made to perfection by an ancient process called sand casting. The Iridescent Mosaic Cracked Glass urn is made of the finest metals and is constructed to last without tarnishing. Handcrafting provides each urn with its own unique variation in color, finish and texture -- so no two urns are exactly alike. Truly, a one-of-a-kind urn to cherish your loved one. The urn has a screw-top lid for easy handling and secure display. It is ideal for home, columbarium, scattering, or burial. (Note: 1lbs weight prior to cremation equals to 1 cubic inch after cremation). Comes with a Velvet gift Bag. 

  • Features beautifully colored, hand placed cracked glass on a golden bronze finish.

  • Threaded Lid.

  • Velvet Bottom.

  • One size available:

    • Large - 10"H x 6"W / Holds up to 220cu

Thoughtful Urns for Your Loved Ones

These elegant and meaningful urns for ashes serve as a respectful resting place for your loved one and add beauty to your home. This family of cremation urns include a gold cracked glass urn and a silver cracked glass urn..With their hand placed glass and fine metal details, they are the perfect vibrant urns to celebrate the life of a loved one!

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Sherry Talmadge
Makes my mother as beautiful in death as she was in life.

I love this urn! It's beautifully crafted, just the right thickness and size, and goes well with other furniture and pictures in my living room. My mother loved mosaic type art.

A unique, little rustic, and surprisingly beautiful art piece

Initially, I thought the urn looked a little rough - cracked glass was used, the color was spotty and variable between pieces when looked at up close (a bit like an old mirror whose silver backing is chipping away), and there were some pieces that were out of place. But I found it grew on me quickly. It is an interesting and individualistic piece, and the imperfections give this handmade piece character.The urn can look somewhat different depending on the light. It is best in a location that doesn't get direct sunlight if you want the colors to show best. Having said that, I was surprised when I placed it in a spot where the sun hit it. The glass reflected on its surroundings and created diamond-shaped sparks of color that shown all over the room! No one else has commented about this, I think - but it is a startling and beautiful effect worthy of mention.If you want a "perfect" looking urn, buy one of the many polished, mass-produced urns out there; but if you want an art piece that you will treasure, get this one. It's an urn. It contains the ashes of a loved one. And it will make you smile anyway.


It is just beautiful! There isn't anything else that needs to be said.

Natasha Decker
It holds my most precious thing.

Beautiful vessel for my loved ones cremains. Arrived promptly.

kathi miles
Colorful Mosaic Urn is a work of art!

My husband loved fine art and tiffany styled glass. When I saw this urn it reminded me of that. The urn is a beautiful mosaic of colorful purple, red and green cracked glass. I see from other reviews no two are alike. The mosaic looks handcrafted and the brass is without blemish. It came with a velvet bag. The urn is tall & weighty and fits the location perfectly. Great value for the money. Arrived within a few days of ordering. Packaged very well.