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Three Crosses Cremation Urn

Our Three Crosses cremation urns are a bright and religious tribute for your loved one, featuring three Catholic/Christian Crosses in the sunset. Each cremation urn is handmade to perfection by an ancient process called sand casting. Handcrafting provides each urn with its own unique variation in color, finish and texture -- so no two urns are exactly alike. Truly, a one-of-a-kind urn to cherish your loved one. The urn has a screw-top lid for easy handling and secure display. It is ideal for home, columbarium, scattering, or burial. This cremation urn is made of solid brass and is constructed to last without tarnishing. (Note: 1lbs weight prior to cremation equals to 1 cubic inch after cremation). Ships with a black velvet gift bag or box.

  • Features three Catholic/Christian crosses in the sunset.

  • Threaded Lid.

  • Velvet Bottom.

  • Multiple sizes available

    • Extra Large - 12" x 8" / Holds up to 350cu

    • Large - 10" x 6" / Holds up to 200cu

    • Keepsake - 3"H x 2"W in an individual velvet box. Holds up to 3cu (about 3 tablespoons).

Please be sure to review product dimensions thoroughly. Cubic inches can be converted to lbs pre-cremation. Keepsakes are intended to only hold a small amount of ashes.

Our cremation urns for adult human ashes are designed to serve as a beautiful work of art within your home, niche, or columbarium. Our beautiful and unique decorative urns will warm your heart and are very thoughtful gifts for family members that would like a heartfelt reminder of a loved one.

A Beautiful Soul Deserves A Beautiful Tribute:

Our designers are dedicated to creating our urns for ashes with you in mind, allowing us to create beautiful and meaningful designs. This cremation urn features a Christian cross with a lovely finish, making it the perfect Christian urn to celebrate the life of a loved one.

High Quality and Long Lasting Urns:

Our cremation urns for adult human ashes are built to last! We only use the highest quality materials in our love of Christ funeral urn. Our urns are crafted with smooth, durable, and high quality metals that are carefully hand engraved for an elegant detailed finish. Our urns have threaded lids that require firm counter-clockwise twisting to ensure a secure enclosure.

Elegant Handcrafted Design:

Each cremation urn is constructed with the finest metals and features detailed hand engravings. Our religious urns for human ashes are carefully polished to give your loved one a respectful memorial. All of our cremation urns for adult ashes include a velvet bag and felted bottom to protect your furnishings from scratches

During your time of grief, we understand that sometimes a customer may change their mind about a purchase. While we believe our cross cremation urn offers the highest quality and value, we want you to be completely satisfied. We are willing to offer free returns for our cremation urns with no questions asked.

Thoughtful Urns for the Faithfull

These elegant and meaningful urns for ashes serve as a respectful resting place for your loved one and add beauty to your home. These are the perfect vibrant urns to celebrate the life of a loved one.

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