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Morning Glories - Biodegradable & Eco Friendly Burial or Scattering Urn / Tube

Biodegradable, Eco Friendly & Airport Ready. Used for scattering or burial, our all natural scattering tubes provide the perfect temporary or permanent resting place for your loved one. When ready to scatter, the lid slides off, a perforated tab is pushed, and the ashes can be gently shaken from the tube. Once the ashes have been scattered, the tube can be kept or recycled. If chosen for burial, the tube will naturally decompose. This cremation urn for adult ashes is made of all natural paper components, and contains no metal or plastic. A beautiful, yet, responsible and earth friendly option. Related: Scattering tube, scattering urn, scattering ashes urn, scattering ashes tube, cremation urn, cremation urn human, urns for human ashes

Sizes & Capacity in Inches:


12 x 5 - Holds up to 230 cubic inches
(Ideal for individuals up to 230lbs pre-cremation.)

We offer refunds for every cremation urn, however, due to the personal nature of these products, we CANNOT accept returns once the item has been used.

Returning to the Earth

As cremation becomes more popular, families are turning towards the burial or scattering of ashes more as a freeing and earth responsible option and tribute for their loved one. Common scattering locations are; a special and meaningful location to your loved one, rivers/ocean, sky scattering, cliffs/mountains, meadows, gardens, or simply in a serene place on your private property.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nestor Thompson

I needed somthing for my loved one ashes, that could be dropped in the ocean, but had to be eco friendly, this is not only beautiful but just what I needed to lay her to rest where she wanted to be. Love It

Akanni Afunku

Looks nice and durable. Definitely recommend

Damilare Ndukwu
Didn't Have Paper Instructions, But Worked Well Overall

I like how easy it made it to spread ashes. It would have been nice if it came with paper instructions. If it did I didn't see any. I tried to figure it out without instructions and did it wrong, or I tore off the perforated area for the pouring spout or hole that is broken just before spreading the ashes. I had to go online to see my mistake through the online instructions. It had a lid so I was able to keep them from spilling out while transporting to the place to spread them, but a little had spilled out of the hole/spout and filled the area beneath the lid. Overall it worked good and I'm happy with it. I thought it was going to be big enough for all my mom's ashes, 5'3" tall 100 pounds, but it wasn't it was big enough for about half of them. It was okay because the ashes left over I just put in the urn, after I spread the ones in the urn over the lake. Now, I will always have a nice looking urn to keep the rest of my mom's ashes in. It had a humming bird on it and flowers and my mom liked both. The ashes left are the closet thing to her I have left and they now sit in a urn that lovingly remind me of her and things she liked. When I hug it, it feels like I'm hugging her or I can still hug her.

Elsie Mitchell
Exactly as described

This is used for Mom's cremains. It is cardboard, exactly as described. It was what we were looking for. Mom loved hummingbirds. It was just what we needed.

Bethel Ahebwe
beautiful hummingbird urn

my mom favorite humming bird and put my mom ashes into the urn...