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Purchasing a Cremation Urn

Absolutely not. TheFederal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rulestates that the funeral provider may not refuse or charge a fee to handle an urn you bought elsewhere.You have the right to bring your own urn and the funeral home has to accept it.

The ashes typically come in a thick polyethylene bag and may also be placed inside a cardboard box, a plastic box or sometimes even a temporary urn.The ashes can then be transferred from the temporary storage into a permanent urn when the family is ready.

We suggest adding cremated ashes into your urn in it's original plastic packaging. However, it is fine to empty the contents directly into the urn as well.

There are several options when it comes to scattering the ashes of your loved one. Our biodegradable scattering tubesare a great and eco friendly idea and make it easy to scatter (or bury) the ashes in different locations while still containing the cremated ashes and keeping them safe and secure. Be sure to check with local parks, beaches and recreational areas if scattering ashes on public grounds as many have specific regulations with regards to scattering the ashes.

Yes! You absolutely can use a human cremation urn for pet ashes.

Cremation Urn Sizes & Capacities

The rule of thumb is one cubic inch is equal to one cubic inch of body weight. Therefore, for a human adult weighing 200 pounds at the time of death, you would need a cremation urn that will hold at least 200 cubic inches of cremated ashes. Most individual large sized cremation urns hold anywhere from 180 cubic inches of ashes up to 250 cubic inches of cremated ashes.

Cremation Urns for ashes are available in several different sizes, allowing families to choose the size that works best for their needs. Most of our designs are available in Large, Extra Large, Medium and Small Keepsake sizes.

One cubic inch is equal to the concrete mass value of 1 pound.So if you know the weight of the deceased then you know the size of the urn that you need.For example:A cremated 150 pound person will yield approximately 150 cubic inches of cremated ashes.

A keepsake urn is a small cremation urn that is designed to hold a very limited amount of cremated ashes.  The interior volume of keepsake urns ranges from 3 cubic inches up to 12 cubic inches in most cases.

Keepsake cremation urns are a great idea for families that are looking to share the ashes with one another, allowing everyone to have a personal reminder of their loved one.

More Cremation Urn Q & A

Yes! We exclusively off chain free adhesive plaques that fit ANY cremation urn. For more information on engraving your urn CLICK HERE

Yes, all of our cremation urns are FAA and TSA approved for flying. It is recommended by TSA to carry on your urn and remains. When flying with a metal cremation urn, please keep the ashes separate from the metal urn, and contained in its original plastic packaging and box. TSA will need to inspect the empty metal urn.

Proper care for your cremation urn will help keep the urn looking beautiful for years to come.

  • If your urn contains an image or paint, we advise to keep the urn inside to prevent any cracking or peeling.
  • Place the cremation urn in a safe location such as a cabinet, shelf or table.  Do not place the urn near water or in a location where it could easily get knocked over or fall.
  • Gently wipe the surface of the urn with a lint free cloth twice a month to remove any dust or build-up.  Ceramic or glass urns can be wiped with a damp cloth.

If you are choosing to bury the cremation urn, we recommend that you choose a biodegradable or eco friendly cremation urn. These urns are specifically designed to breakdown over time and the cremation urn materials are earth conscious. We do not recommend burying an urn that is not biodegradable for burial.

During your time of grief, we understand that sometimes a customer may change their mind about a purchase. While we believe our cremation urns offer the highest quality and value, we want you to be completely satisfied. Unwanted items can be returned within 7 days of receipt of your purchase for full receipt of the purchase price. Returned funds are credited to the original form of purchase. Custom or engraved items CANNOT be returned. To learn more, read our return policy.

The family adds the ashes into the cremation urn. Most ashes are returned from the funeral home in a plastic polyethylene bag. The bag can be placed directly into the cremation urn. If you are uncomfortable adding the ashes to the cremation urn, most funeral homes offer this as a complimentary service and will be able to add the ashes to the urn at no charge to the family.

All of our metal cremation urns open by twisting the lid counter clockwise.

While twisting the lid shut does provide secure encapsulation, sealing the cremation urn is a personal decision and there are no rules that say that you have to seal the urn or that you don’t have to seal the cremation urn for ashes. Cremation urns are designed to provide a safe resting place for the ashes of your loved one and families may want the option of reopening the urn to place a memento inside at a later date. However, if you feel the ashes are more secure inside the urn with the urn sealed, then certainly add the adhesive accordingly.

Once the ashes have been placed inside the cremation urn, apply a thin layer of sealant around the edges of the plate. The plate is then reattached and any excess sealant should be wiped away immediately.

The cremation urn can be opened after it has been filled with ashes and closed as long as sealant was NOTapplied. If you think that you may want to open the cremation urn for ashes again, do not apply sealant when reattaching the plate.

We absolutely can ship your cremation urn directly to the funeral home. When filling out your shipping information, use the name and address of the funeral home as the ‘ship to’ address.