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What are Cremation Urns?

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As the name suggests, cremation urns are containers that are meant to hold the cremated remains of a deceased. 

Can I bring a cremation urn I bought online to a funeral home?

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Yes. According to the FTC Funeral Rule, consumers have the right to choose the funeral goods and services you want. It is against the law for a funeral home to charge you any additional handling fees or refuse to accept products purchased from another supplier.

Can I carry the remains of a loved one on a plane?

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Yes, but we suggest doing so in a temporary container. Although airline policies differ, generally all items carried on board or checked in luggage must be able to pass through TSA scanning. 

Can my Cremation Urn be engraved?

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Unfortunately, we do not offer engraving on our items as most of our designs do not have enough free space on the metal to accommodate it. A hanging name plate is generally a great alternative

How do I open the urn?

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Our urns have threaded lids the require firm counter clockwise twisting to ensure a secure enclosure.

Will my urn fit in a burial or columbariam niche?

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Most do, but please check with the model dimensions to be sure. 

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