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Commemorative Cremation Urns
Commemorative Cremation Urns

America's Most Trusted Funeral Urn Supplier

Over 500,000 Families Served

No, you are not required to purchase an urn from the funeral home or crematorium. While many funeral homes and crematoriums offer a selection of urns for purchase, you have the right to provide your own urn if you prefer.
Religious views on cremation differ widely across various faiths and traditions. Here's a brief overview of the stance on cremation for some of the world's major religions:
The cost of cremation can vary widely based on several factors, including the location, the specific services and merchandise selected, and the crematory or funeral home chosen. Here's a general breakdown of potential costs associated with cremation:
The environmental impact of cremation versus burial is a topic of debate and can depend on various factors and choices made in each process. Here's a comparison of the two in terms of environmental considerations:

Our Mission

At Commemorative Cremation Urns, our mission is to help you cherish, celebrate, and memorialize the lives of your loved ones. Our extensive cremation urn collection includes metal and wood cremation urns, scattering urns, biodegradable urns, pet urns, funeral  accessories, and memorial gifts.

We have thoughtfully curated our selection to meet the diverse needs of families, offering unique and memorable solutions. For those wishing to keep ashes at home, we provide a variety of metal cremation urns for ashes in different shapes and designs. Families preferring a non traditional look can choose from our decorative wood urns, while those seeking something modern and unique might opt for our 360 imaged cremation urns. If scattering ashes is preferred, we offer eco-friendly scattering urns. We also have a wide range of biodegradable urns for families who wish to bury ashes in the ground or float them in water.

In addition to traditional adult cremation urns, we offer keepsakes for families wishing to share ashes among multiple members.

We take pride in offering the widest range of funeral urns, each crafted from the highest quality materials and featuring unique designs, colors, and themes to suit various styles. Our manufacturers are carefully selected to ensure they adhere to the highest quality standards.

At CCU, our goal is to support you in any way possible during your time of loss. Our well-trained staff is ready to assist with all your requests and help you choose the perfect cremation urns to honor your loved ones.