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Our Eco-Friendly Scattering Urns Bring a Dignified Resting Place for the Deceased

When you look for a resting place for your lost loved one, you can never go wrong with our biodegradable urn. Beautiful and all-natural, these eco-friendly urns can be your loved one’s permanent or temporary resting place.

Our biodegradable scattering urns are carefully crafted from paper-based components and do not contain any plastic or metal. So, if your deceased relative was an environmentalist, they would absolutely love this Earth-friendly urn.

Burial & Scattering Urns

Eco-friendly & biodegradable,
our burial / scattering tubes serve as a perfect temporary or permanent resting place.
A beautiful, yet, all-natural alternative.

How to Use Our Scattering Urns

You may use these urns for both burial and scattering. Unlike some urns, these cremation urns make scattering ashes as comfortable as possible. Wherever you are ready to scatter, you can slide the lid off which will push a perforated tab on the tube. That is when you can gently shake out the ashes from the scattering urn.

Once the ashes are scattered, you may keep the tube with you, bury it, or easily recycle the urn. If you choose to bury the urn, it will decompose naturally.

Beautiful Yet Biodegradable Cremation Urns

Finding apt scattering cremation urns can be challenging when you have so many options. We offer cremation urns in small, medium, and large sizes. To be precise, our scattering ashes tubes are ideal for holding the remains of individuals whose pre-cremation weights are around 50 pounds, 100 pounds, and 230 pounds.

Every urn we offer features a breathtaking design to convey the individual’s story whose ashes it carries. From heavenly beach sunsets to a serene morning round of golf, our burial urns feature crystal clear, high resolution images and vibrant colors. You’re sure to find the picture-perfect scattering urn that best describes your loved one.

During your time of grief, we understand that you may change their mind about a purchase. While we believe our urns offer the highest quality and value, we want you to be completely satisfied. We are willing to offer free returns for our cremation urns with no questions asked. However, due to the tube’s biodegradable nature, we do not offer returns once you have used the product.

Browse through our eco-friendly scattering tubes to find the one that will represent the life of the departed soul.