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Common Questions About Cremation Urns

Choosing the right size urn for a loved one's ashes is important to ensure that all the ashes can be comfortably accommodated. Here's a basic guide to help you determine the appropriate size:
Yes, you can put ashes in an urn yourself. Many families choose to handle the ashes of their loved ones personally for a variety of reasons, including personal sentiment, religious practices, or cultural traditions. If you decide to transfer the ashes into an urn or another container, here are some steps and considerations to keep in mind:
Yes, metal cremation urns can be buried. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:
The time it takes for a biodegradable urn to dissolve in water largely depends on the material from which it's made and the specific conditions of the water. Here's a general overview based on common biodegradable urn materials:
When flying with cremated remains, travelers are often concerned about how to navigate airport security with an urn. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has specific guidelines regarding traveling with cremated remains. Here are the facts:
Scattering ashes is a deeply personal act, and its symbolism can vary depending on individual beliefs, cultural practices, and personal feelings. Here are some common interpretations and symbolic meanings associated with scattering ashes:
In general, cremation tends to be less expensive than a traditional burial in a casket. However, the final cost of either option can vary significantly based on various factors and personal choices. Here's a breakdown of some of the primary expenses associated with both options:
The longevity of an urn depends largely on the material from which it's made and the conditions to which it's exposed. If you're looking for urns that last the longest, especially when thinking about interment or placing them outdoors, here are materials that tend to be durable: