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Cosmic Galaxy Cremation Urns

Our metal cremation urns and burial urns for cremated remains are designed to warm your heart with memories. These urns for cremation and urns for human ashes come in Large, XL and small serve as a beautiful works of art within your home. The Cosmic Galaxy Cremation Urns for human ashes and memorial urn is an cosmic tribute to your loved one. Mystic and heavenly, it features stardust, nebulae, and the far away suns and galaxies of the Cosmos.

As Unique as the Lives the Symbolize, our Urns for cremation ashes are built to last. We only use the highest quality materials in each cremation urn. Our funeral urns for human ashes are crafted with aerospace grade aluminum, are carefully hand engraved for an elegant detailed finish, and and have threaded lids that require firm counter-clockwise twisting to ensure a secure enclosure. Each large and extra large urn comes with a velvet gift bag for safe keeping during transport. Our small keepsake urns are made of 100% brass and come with a velvet gift box to serve as thoughtful gifts for family members that would like a heartfelt reminder of a loved one. Please note: We unfortunately do not provide engraving on our urns. Most designs do not have enough blank free space to accommodate this feature.

Features : 

  • High resolution image of stardust, nebulae, and the far away suns and galaxies of the Cosmos.
  • Meticulously hand-crafted engraving.
  • Threaded lid for secure closure.
  • Felted bottom to protect your furnishings from scratches.
  • Complimentary velvet gift bag or box with your item.

Sizes & Capacities : 

  • Extra Large - 12" H x 8"W, Capacity - 300cu (300lbs pre cremation)
  • Large - 10" H x 7” W, Capacity - 200cu (200lbs pre cremation)
  • Small / Keepsake - 3" H x 2" W, Capacity - 3cu (3lbs pre cremation)

A matching Celebration of Life Funeral Guest Book that includes a photo slot for your loved one is also available separately.

Thoughtful Urns as a Bold & Beautiful Resting Place

These elegant and meaningful urns for ashes serve as a respectful resting place for your loved one and add beauty to your home. This family of cremation urns features Cosmic Galaxy, Interstellar Nebula, the Milky Way, and Supernova designs. These are the perfect vibrant urns to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 351 reviews
— Patrick, San Francisco
“Cosmic Galaxy” Urn Fits Poem "A Clear Midnight," Releasing the Soul Back Into the Universe

I chose and bought the “Cosmic Galaxy” urn to be my own urn, because it seems to fit my favorite poem by Walt Whitman, titled “A Clear Midnight.” That poem has been interpreted as meaning releasing the soul back into the universe — the starry, starry night. So, this urn featuring a cosmic galaxy seemed an appropriate resting place for my own earthly ashes (but not my soul).

The poem goes:

“This is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,
Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,
Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best,
Night, sleep, death and the stars.

The urns were shipped quickly, and I like them. I used Whitman’s poem as dedications on my two web sites to my Mother and my life-partner Carl. And I overlaid the poem in text on top of my favorite photo of me in inlaid wooden frames to leave for a few of my Great Nieces and Great Nephews to remember me by on "Día de los Muertos" day.

Sandra Colon
Destiny’s special place.

It’s perfect and fits the personality of my beloved daughter. It’s very well made and made me happy when I held it. Thank you for perfection.

John Soleto

Cosmic Galaxy Cremation Urn

Mary Keene

I was very satisfied with my purchase. It was everything I wanted in an urn for my husband

Karen Puckett
Cremation Urn

Exactly what I was looking for.