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Divine Dolphin Cremation Urns

Our metal cremation urns and burial urns for cremated remains are designed to warm your heart with memories. These urns for cremation and urns for human ashes come in Large, XL and small serve as a beautiful works of art within your home. Our Divine Dolphin Cremation Urns for human ashes and memorial urn is a scenic & freeing tribute for your loved one, featuring sets of dolphins swimming under the ocean's surface. 

As Unique as the Lives the Symbolize, our dolphin urns for cremation ashes are built to last. We only use the highest quality materials in each cremation urn. Our funeral urns for human ashes are crafted with aerospace grade aluminum, are carefully hand engraved for an elegant detailed finish, and and have threaded lids that require firm counter-clockwise twisting to ensure a secure enclosure. Each large and extra large urn comes with a velvet gift bag for safe keeping during transport. Our small keepsake urns are made of 100% brass and come with a velvet gift box to serve as thoughtful gifts for family members that would like a heartfelt reminder of a loved one. Please note: We unfortunately do not provide engraving on our urns. Most designs do not have enough blank free space to accommodate this feature.

Features : 

  • High resolution image featuring sets of dolphins swimming under the ocean's surface. 
  • Meticulously hand-crafted engraving.
  • Threaded lid for secure closure.
  • Felted bottom to protect your furnishings from scratches.
  • Complimentary velvet gift bag or box with your item.

Sizes & Capacities : 

  • Extra Large - 12" H x 8"W, Capacity - 300cu (300lbs pre cremation)
  • Large - 10" H x 6” W, Capacity - 200cu (200lbs pre cremation)
  • Small / Keepsake - 3" H x 2" W, Capacity - 3cu (3lbs pre cremation)

A matching Celebration of Life Funeral Guest Book that includes a photo slot for your loved one is also available separately.

Thoughtful Urns for Your Loved Ones

These elegant and meaningful urns for ashes serve as a respectful resting place for your loved one and add beauty to your home. This family of cremation urns includes the Ocean Tranquility and Divine Dolphins urn. With their hand engravings and fine metal details, they are the perfect vibrant urns to celebrate the life of a loved one!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Looked like a cheap urn from a garage sale

When it arrived the urn looked nothing like the brilliant shining clear detailed urn that was in the picture. The picture was fuzzy and dull, the metal looked like gold from a gumball machine ring after tarnishing for 10yrs. We had to have an urn as soon as possible, for obvious reasons, so we did not have time to go through return process and wait on another one to be sent. To their credit, when finally got response, (it was during the weekend and labor day) I sent her a picture and she apologized and said that is not way what the urn is supposed to look like and was going to immediately send out a new one, but we already purchased another one that was in time for the service. We were very leary about ordering a new one and have the same thing happen and wondered if it will eventually end up looking tarnished anyway. They sent me a free shipping return label and we sent it back. Was great customer service and appreciate a good response. Still waiting on a refund to my credit card, but I understand it has to go through a return process.

Gregory Pardue
A couple of issues with the urn that hopefully won't become big issues in the future..

We ordered the Dolphin urn because my recently deceased wife loved marine mammals, especially dolphins, and we own several Wyland art pieces that feature dolphins. Online the urn looked like it was perfect for her.

Upon initial examination, we felt the gold colored metal trim was rather dark and not as bright and shiny as pictured online. We also noticed a solder joint on the metal trim that was not buffed and smoothed out completely giving that small area a rough, not quite finished look. It's minor but is noticeable if you're looking over the entire urn.

The picture of the main two dolphins looks slightly squished to us and not as life like as the online picture appears. As I said above, we are Wyland collectors and his paintings look more realistic than the dolphins on this urn.

Lastly, the top is very hard to get properly aligned when **** it back on. We have no idea if this is a common problem but it could be. It took multiple tries before finally getting it screwed on fully. It kept wanting to jam up when about half way on. Even the cremation director had a hard time with it when transferring my wife's ashes. Hopefully we will never have to open it up again. It appears machining of the threads was not as precise as it should have been.

Even though we probably should have, because of time restraints, we did not contact the company and request a replacement. We decided that it would likely take too long and be too much of a hassle. We also didn't ask for a discount since we already had used a new customer discount code to price match Amazon at $119.99. So this review will be the first time the company has heard about our issues and since they keep sending emails requesting a review, this is what they get.

Sheila Macandrew
just perfect

The ern is just perfect size for what I wanted. I love the color and dolphins. It was my daughter's favourite animal.

Ron Porter

Divine Dolphin Cremation Urns

Worth it

Very happy with our selection